TrackMaster Demo 0.0.3!

Hi everyone! After talking and hearing feedback from the great people who played the 0.0.1 and 0.0.2 demo version, a new version is ready!

Here is the changelog:

  1. New track
    1. Folded HorseShoe
  2. Graphics options
    1. Full screen mode on/off
    2. HDR on/off
    3. MSAA levels
    4. Shadows on/off/quality
  3. Gameplay options
    1. Configurable time to reset vehicle (after toppling over or sideways)
    2. Invert camera rotation horizontal axis
    3. Invert camera rotation vertical axis
    4. Auto reset camera on/off
    5. Auto reset camera time setting
  4. Sound
    1. Fireworks sound disabled (until I add other sounds to the game, there is no point in having this sound)
  5. Gameplay improvements
    1. Removed containers from Figure 8 track (really, they were annoying right?)
    2. Monster truck center of gravity lowered a bit for better handling
    3. Vehicle wheels now spin freely when accelerating/reverse is released (on previous version, it braked)
    4. Handbrake now works
    5. Truck scale adjusted. It is now wider and more coherent to real trucks. It is now much more stable when making turns.
    6. Muscle car physics suspension improved. This is the vehicle I'm less satisfied yet, the acceleration is not good and it topples over too easy.

Here are some pictures to illustrate the changes in the truck and the car.

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