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TrackMaster is a game about racing, vehicular mess and crazy types of events and competitions: doing unexpected things with unexpected vehicles! Want to take a trailer truck to a stunt track? Why not? Want to do a race in a figure 8 track featuring a monster truck, a muscle car, a truck and a bus? Why not?


The game is designed as a balanced blend of simulation and fun: the vehicles are entirely governed by physics, so that you can always see a different result from collisions, jumps and stunts.


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FreeRoam - Drive freely, no time limits and no goals in any arena or track.
Event - Races and other events, see EVENTS, below.
Career - Start as a novice driver, with a bad car, and try to climb up the racing ranks!
Tournament - Combinations of events in sequence.

14 event types


11 arenas on the works and counting...

All tracks/arenas are going to feature at least an asphalt and a dirt version.


So far, there are 17 vehicles/types planned (see images on the right)

How is the game planned to evolve?


The game will be launched in Alpha state: only local multiplayer, 2 game modes, 1 event type (race), 5 arenas and 3 vehicles.
The game will be ready for entering Beta stage when all the 14 event types, 11 tracks and 17 vehicles are added. 

In this phase, the track editor, on-line multiplayer, career and tournaments will be added. The game will be  considered ready for finished stage when this 4 features are added.
Of course that new arenas, event types and vehicles are probably going to be added during beta, since the foundations for them will be built in Alpha. 

After it's finished, there are going to be constant, free updates adding more of everything that will be already on the game: vehicles, arenas, events (both local and on-line). If the game proves financially sustainable, I really would like to support it as long as there is an interested community. If that happens, there is no limit to how the game can evolve!


In the early phases of development the demo will also be updated, to feature some basic items like graphics settings, audio, key binding and some AI controlled vehicles. But, eventually, it will remain stationary, while the main game continues to be updated. For now, expect the demo to receive regular updates.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TrackMaster_0_12.zip 404 MB
TrackMaster_0_12_Linux.zip 405 MB
TrackMaster_0_12_MAC.x86_64.zip 412 MB

Download demo

TrackMasterDemo.zip 366 MB
TrackMasterDemoLinux.zip 366 MB
TrackMaster.x86_64.zip 373 MB

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very interesting,i think this game needs map editor and be moddable :)

Thanks! Track editor (and maybe vehicle editor?) is planned!

Hi, first of all congratulations for the game, it's really cool. I have a problem, I have no sound. I don't know if this is normal, because I know that the game is on development. The game runs on Ubuntu 20.04.2

In another term, I just wrote an article about your game on our web:
Please check your web contact email

Hi, thanks for the support in promoting the game, I've followed jugandoenlinux.com both on Twitter and Youtube, and I'm writing an answer for your e-mail just now!

About the sound problem, it's not your problem, the game doesn't have any sound yet... Yeah, I know, shame on me... I'm working on it for the Steam release (and of course it will be updated here too).

No worries, step by step, I'm only asking...

On Ubuntu 20.10 I get the following error for both demo and full version:
Following is taken from the itch app log:

{"time":1613990952244,"level":30,"msg":"(opening file took 195.338557ms)","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952244,"level":30,"msg":"Determining source information...","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952244,"level":30,"msg":"↝ For source (TrackMaster_0.1.1.x86_64)","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952244,"level":40,"msg":"  No mapping for file extension (.x86_64)","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952244,"level":30,"msg":"Estimated disk usage (accuracy: guess)","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952244,"level":30,"msg":"  ✓ 747.78 MiB needed free space","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952244,"level":30,"msg":"  ✓ 422.66 MiB final disk usage","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952250,"level":30,"msg":"Will use installer unknown","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952254,"level":50,"msg":"No manager for installer unknown\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.doInstallPerformInner.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:266\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.InstallPrepare\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_prepare.go:264\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.doInstallPerformInner\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:202\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.doInstallPerform\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:137\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.InstallPerform\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:40\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.performOne.func8\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:331\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.performOne\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:336\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.DownloadsDrive\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:76\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd/messages.(*DownloadsDriveType).Register.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/messages/messages.go:2582\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*Router).HandleRequest.func2\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/router.go:306\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*Router).HandleRequest\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/router.go:315\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*gatedHandler).HandleRequest\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/butlerd.go:159\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd/jsonrpc2.(*connImpl).handleIncomingMessage.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/jsonrpc2/jsonrpc2.go:250\nruntime.goexit\n\t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1373","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}
{"time":1613990952254,"level":40,"msg":"Download errored: No manager for installer unknown\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.doInstallPerformInner.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:266\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.InstallPrepare\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_prepare.go:264\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.doInstallPerformInner\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:202\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.doInstallPerform\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:137\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.InstallPerform\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:40\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.performOne.func8\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:331\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.performOne\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:336\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.DownloadsDrive\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:76\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd/messages.(*DownloadsDriveType).Register.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/messages/messages.go:2582\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*Router).HandleRequest.func2\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/router.go:306\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*Router).HandleRequest\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/router.go:315\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*gatedHandler).HandleRequest\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/butlerd.go:159\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd/jsonrpc2.(*connImpl).handleIncomingMessage.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/jsonrpc2/jsonrpc2.go:250\nruntime.goexit\n\t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1373\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/cmd/operate.InstallPerform\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/cmd/operate/install_perform.go:43\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.performOne.func8\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:331\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.performOne\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:336\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads.DownloadsDrive\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/endpoints/downloads/downloads_drive.go:76\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd/messages.(*DownloadsDriveType).Register.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/messages/messages.go:2582\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*Router).HandleRequest.func2\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/router.go:306\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*Router).HandleRequest\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/router.go:315\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd.(*gatedHandler).HandleRequest\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/butlerd.go:159\ngithub.com/itchio/butler/butlerd/jsonrpc2.(*connImpl).handleIncomingMessage.func1\n\t/builds/itchio/butler/butlerd/jsonrpc2/jsonrpc2.go:250\nruntime.goexit\n\t/usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1373","name":"m/reac/down/driver"}

(2 edits)

I will check what is happening and give some feedback as soon as I can. 

EDIT: In the meantime, have you tried downloading it directly from the itch.io website?

Not sure if it helps, but when I download the file (TrackMaster_0.1_Demo.x86_64) through the website, I can launch the demo fine (after setting the permission for executables as is normal on linux).

It seems to be something about being launched from the itch app itself breaking it. (Itch is fully up to date btw, checked for updates during testing)

(2 edits)

I was not able to download from the itch.io app on Ubuntu too. I've got errors similar to yours. I'm still researching about it. It seems to be a matter with butler, the software itch.io offers for developers to build the distribution files, but it's not mandatory to use it, so it surprises me that this is happening.

On Windows, the app downloads fine.

Were you able to download the full game from the website and run it on Ubuntu?

From the website it worked fine. Could just login, download the game, set permission as executable, double click to launch.
So the actual file runs fine.

The only thing I am wondering is whether butler is trying to handle the binary as an installer, while the game does not appear to need any installing, but can be run directly. So installing from the app fails, since the file is not an installer and butler tries to handle it like one.

(1 edit)

Thanks, I'm relieved to know you are able to download the game.

I've juste opened a topic in the forums. Unfortunately, there are other topics with similar problems, and it doesn't seem to be solved...


Marcos, parabéns pela física... Muito legal, deu pra me divertir uns bons minutos principalmente com o monster truck. Inclusive, seria ótimo se tivesse um comando pra ativar o "steering" nas quatro rodas. Claro, daria pra segurar o A e o Q ao mesmo tempo que acelera, mas meu teclado tem "ghosting" e não aceita tantos inputs hehe.

O muscle car tá "sabão" até demais e está virando com uma certa facilidade, mas deu pra brincar também. Já o caminhão está bem interessante também apesar deu não ter sentido tanto o peso do bicho.

Mas é isto. Belo trabalho até agora.

Fala Marcelo, muito obrigado por ter jogado e dar um retorno!

Sobre virar as rodas da frente e de trás, preciso resolver mesmo, no controle vai de boa, mas teclado, realmente a maioria não funciona.

O muscle car tá meio chato mesmo, meu filho de 7 anos tá pedindo faz tempo pra eu melhorar ele, hehe. Com relação ao caminhão, na próxima atualização vou colocar vários veículos ao mesmo tempo, ai acho que a sensação de peso de cada um vai ficar mais evidente.

I like the vehicles visual and behavior. Do you use Godot inbuilt vehicle physics, or did you wrote your own?

(3 edits)

Hi Vojtech, I've tried the Godot VehicleBody and VehicleWheel nodes, and they actually work well, but for the behaviour I am looking for, it was just not enough. I'm using 6DOF joints for the wheels behaviour, and everything is just a regular rigid body. I've talked about some aspects of the game in the Godot Forums:


Feel free to ask me more, here, or in the forums!

Thank you! I'm just a beginner, but I'd like to do vehicle driving game (I love old Outrun game from C64), at the beginning I'll be more than happy to make a box behaving well on the surface :). I'm learning the Godot vehicle now and also I'm trying to get more info from indie devs, who are working on driving projects to get more info. Going to read your link

Super cool

Thanks! Please, feel free to share your opinion about the game!